Concealed Carry Curriculum

Informational Brochure

This informational brochure is enclosed with every concealed carry license and contains important information for licensees.



Eligibility to Instruct FAQ

This FAQ explains the minimum qualifications and requirements to instruct firearm safety and training courses that meet Wisconsin’s training requirement.



Model Training Curriculum

The Department of Justice has prepared a model four-hour curriculum, updated to reflect the adoption of permanent administrative rules effective June 1, 2013.  This curriculum is available for use by law enforcement agencies and instructors certified by a national or state organization.  The model curriculum is ready for use and includes a student text, instructor guide, additional instructor resources, and a model training certificate.  This curriculum is not required—instructors may use the curriculum of a national or state organization, or develop their own, as long as that curriculum contains the minimum instructional topics specified under JUS 17.03(7).  (DOJ-certified instructors must use this curriculum and the DOJ training certificate on WILENET.)



Instructor Resources


Instructor Updates

The DOJ keeps this site up-to-date to provide the latest information to instructors.  Instructors certified by a national or state organization may sign up for email bulletins regarding changes to instructor requirements or the CCW curriculum.  To request this service, send an email here